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Comparing The Divi And Avada WordPress Themes


If you are a blogger on WordPress, you know that the overall appearance of your blog matters a great deal. This begs the question- how do you know the best theme for your blog? There are several WordPress themes to choose from, and here, I will compare two of the most common ones- Divi and Avada.


22nhmgml;mlDivi is a flexible multi-purpose WordPress theme by Elegant Themes that help you build a professional blog from scratch. You just pick a pre-made template of your choice and begin adding the items that you like and deleting the ones that you don’t. You will like the variety of layouts available to choose from- more than 20 pre-made layouts. These layouts provide everything you need. To begin, choose the layout that appeals to you. Customize it according to your needs so that at the end of the day, you have a blog that is yours in every aspect of the word. Divi has convenient drag-and-drop web page building tools that any blogger can use, even those who are not tech savvy.


Avada is a versatile WordPress site builder by Elegant Themes. It works for any WordPress site, and that is one of the reasons why it is popular. It has demo websites that will help you get started. The theme provides several web building tools such as the Fusion page builder, Fusion core, demo importer and translation options. There are several page options and widgets to allow you make a blog that reflects exactly what you want to do.

Comparison of the two: similarities

33,nbflkklYou must have noted that these are both multi-purpose WordPress themes. With a multi-purpose theme, a blogger can start from scratch and do everything needed to have a professional blog up and running. The Avada and Divi themes provide a wide variety of tools for bloggers to do virtually everything they need to do online. For example, they enable bloggers to create e-commerce sites, launch marketing and promotion campaigns for their commodities, personalize their sites and carve their way to success in their businesses. Multipurpose themes also have their disadvantages, and Avada and Divi, being some of them are not exceptional. Precisely, multi-purpose themes are not specific enough to meet the special needs of every blogger. They provide the general tools that most bloggers will need to create a professional blog, and so they may not be as specific as you may like.


The Divi theme comes with a theme customizer that allows you to change everything on the blog according to your tastes and preferences. You can change the color schemes, web page topography, headers, footers, and widgets. The Avada theme does not have this feature. Additionally, the Divi theme offers split-testing and real-time editing options. It is applicable on multiples sites without extra charges. On the other hand, while Divi provides several layouts for you to choose from, with the Avada theme, you can import a whole demo website onto your blog and add your content. This theme also allows you to customize the mobile version of your blog.

Overall verdict

It is evident that each of these themes has its winning point that is different from the other. Choosing the best one of the two, therefore, boils down to personal taste. Overall, they are both great themes for any blogger to make use of.…

Finding the best home intercom systems

Regardless of the type of home that you live in, finding the right intercom system can help you to improve the way you communicate. You may want to talk to workers who are in the quarters in another part of the home, or your kids who are in their rooms upstairs. In such a situation you do not have to walk all the way to where they are because you can talk to them through a special system that is independent of the public telephone network. This can only happen if you understand how to buy the best home intercom system. For the best systems, consider the following features.

Choose wireless connectivity

2Intercom systems that use wireless connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth are the best option for homes because they are easier to install. Since there are no cables involved, all that you need to do is to mount them where they should be, and you will be ready to use them. In fact, this is something that you can do yourself so that you can save the money that you Would have to pay to installation contractors. This is more important if your home is a large one because you do not want to imagine the work that you would have to do when you have to spread cable to quarters that are spread all over a large area.

Think about the possibility of interference

One of the major concerns that people have had to deal with when buying the best home intercom system is interference. You need a system that cannot be invaded by anyone regardless of the technology that they use. There have been cases whereby external people invaded home intercom systems to listen to the communications that go on there. By tapping into these communications, they can find out some secrets that you would not want to have released. In addition to that, some wireless intercom systems have had problems when it comes to noise invasion. Therefore, you should insist on one that cannot be invaded in anyway whatsoever.

Choose portable receivers

3Most of the intercom systems that are used in homes come with portable receivers. This makes it easy for you to use them especially if you keep moving from one pint to another. Whether you are attending to your chores in the kitchen or taking a rest on the balcony of your bedroom, you can always take the receiver with you so that you do not miss any communication. Those that are not portable can be a challenge to use because then, you will have to make sure that you are always near where they are mounted.

When looking for the best home intercom system, factors such as brand and quality come to the fore. You need a system that can adequately serve all the quarters’ in your home. This means that the signal should be strong especially if the home is a large one. In addition to that, you want one that is of high quality because you are sure that it can last longer than ordinary systems.…