What is web hosting?

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Newbies in the world of creating websites although having a rough idea of what hosting is about may find asking themselves what Web Hosting is.  Well, then Web Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals websites to be viewed by others on the internet. The services and technology behind the hosting of the web page are done by a web host or a web hosting provider. Click here for kuponkode for UnoEuro.



The websites are however hosted on servers, which are special computers. If you have a business and potential customers want to view your website, then all they have to do is simply type and search your website address. The internet will then connect o your web server and from there your website page(s) will be delivered to their browser.

Domain name

In having a website address, you ought to at first have a domain name so that you can easily be found on the internet. A domain name mostly entails a business or company’s internet address. For those not conversant with the internet terms, the same way you use an address be it a business or company’s to locate the premises, the same way a domain name is relevant in locating a business online. We have got numerous types of web hosting services and your choice for a web host will solely depend on your plan and how much you plan to spend on a web host.

Shared web hosting

We have got a shared web hosting. This is the easiest and the most common type of web hosting. In this type of web hosting, we have got one server serving different customers. Since it involves sharing a website with others it is prone to internet slow down especially when one site becomes very busy.

Cloud hosting

Despite sharing physical servers with the other cloud servers, there are special technological partitions that enable each and every cloud server have its own configuration like a full dedicated server. Contrasting to a shared web hosting page, the resources you purchased, bandwidth or memory in a cloud hosting it is not shared. Also, a cloud hosting limits the number of shared websites in that fewer websites occupy the same server.

The features of web hosting include:

features of web hosting

  • Disk space that is used in the storage of web files.  The web file includes emails and databases.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access. FTP facilitates the transfer of files to the server from the computer web pages.
  • Email accounts are also a common feature in domain hosting. The email accounts may include the forwarding and aliases emails.